Vision Mission Statement

Our Vision 

The Bonney Group’s vision is to be recognised as a leader in the transport, energy solutions and logistics business throughout Tasmania and Regional Australia.


Our Mission 

Our mission is to deliver exceptional value and customer service through   - 

  • Innovation
  • Integrated systems
  • Exemplary customer service
  • Consistent and reliable supply of goods and services
  • Efficient resource utilisation
  • Compliant distribution & safety systems
  • Commitment to protecting our environment
  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards
  • Employing, developing and retaining a skilled workforce
  • Displaying respect, fairness and openness within the workplace

Our People

Our people deserve and have the company’s respect because they use their best efforts to add value to the company and they have the skills to do their jobs. Our people know what the company does and what their role is in it, what the company expects of them and how well they meet that expectation.

The rewards for people working for the Bonney Group go beyond good conditions and wages to include job satisfaction derived from personal performance, feedback and personal and skills development. The Bonney Group invests in training and development of its employees and is committed to providing a safe workplace for all its employees.

Our Customers

The Bonney Group remains aware of, and anticipates its customers’ needs and keeps its customer’s best interests in mind as it works for them. The Bonney Group projects to all stakeholders and the public an accurate and consistent image, which enhances its recognition, its reputation and the likelihood of winning business.

The Bonney Group’s service is based on reliable, innovative and cost efficient outcomes to build long-term relationships with its customers.

The Companies

The Companies within the Bonney Group believe in keeping all its people informed, and making the best use of its resources (people, time and money). We set and maintain standards and measure their own performance and improvement against these standards and industry benchmarks.

We are united by shared goals and values and good communication, irrespective of the diversity of their operations or differences in roles.

How We Act

As a Group, as a Company and as individuals we act honestly, with integrity and legally at all times and in all dealings. We make timely, considered decisions based on accurate, relevant information and we do not procrastinate. Teamwork in and across our divisions is an important ingredient in our success and our people co-operate with and rely on each other, and acknowledge each other’s contributions.

We respond promptly to all stakeholders to ensure we are recognised for prompt, courteous and efficient service at all times.