The Bonney Group is committed to the safety of their employees and customers.

Each and every one of us has a duty of care to our work colleagues, ourselves and the environment in which we work, and perform our roles within the boundaries of Bonney Group HSE policies and procedures.

Duty of Care

  • Take reasonable care of your own health and safety
  • Take reasonable care for the health and safety of others around you
  • Cooperate with your employer to comply with requirements under the OHS act or regulations
  • Not intentionally misuse anything in the workplace provided for health, safety and welfare

We have simple rules:

  • Zero Accidents
  • Zero harm to people
  • Zero damage to the environment




The Bonney Group, through Lloyds North were the first companies in Tasmania to achieve Truck Safe accreditation. Truck Safe is a nationally recognised heavy transport accreditation scheme focused on driver health and fatigue management driver training and vehicle maintenance.



Lloyds North is committed to the highest possible standards of both quality and occupational health and safety and has accreditation to AS4801 standard.

To achieve accreditation at this level Lloyds North has implemented a Safety Management System which includes organisational structure, planned activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures and processes which allows management or elimination of any OH&S risks associated with the Lloyds North business.

The overall aim of the system is to support the achievement of the highest levels of OHS performance through systematic elimination of workplace risks. This is designed to lead to a reduction in workplace injury and meet all legal requirements.


National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

The National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) is a formal process for recognising heavy vehicle operators who have robust safety and other management systems in place.  It is also increasingly being used to show compliance with general duty requirements under road transport law.

In order to achieve compliance our companies are required to meet set standards and are subject to regular external audit of our safety and management systems.

The Bonney Group currently holds the following NHVAS accreditations -

Lloyds North
Basic Fatigue Management and Mass Management
Basic Fatigue Management and Mass Management
Bonney Energy
Basic Fatigue Management, Mass Management & Maintenenace



The Bonney Group is committed to a proactive approach to sustainability and the environment with all facets of its business. This commitment starts with our Company Environmental Policy and initiatives such as membership to the Australian Government's Greenhouse Challenge.

The Bonney Group engages staff with its practical approach to reducing waste, emission measurement and the development of strategies to be more energy efficient. This approach ensures that our people are committed to a measurable improvement of our carbon footprint.

Some examples of the initiatives undertaken to improve environmental impacts are:

  • Replacing fleet with late model, lower emission engines (Euro 5 standard).
  • Training and evaluation of operators in Standard Operating Procedures, ensuring a safe, reliable and efficient execution of resources.
  • GPS tracking systems to ensure efficient utilisation of fleet.
  • Recycling of paper, glass, printer cartridges and other waste.
  • Promoting environmental awareness to our staff and customers through bulletins and newsletters.

Our clients can be assured that The Bonney Group is playing its part in the community by working towards a sustainable future.

It doesn't cost the Earth to save the planet

Reducing Fuel Usage

The Bonney Group has installed RTL Fleetseek — GPS Systems into most of our heavy vehicle fleet units.

This system is used as a tracking device for ease of scheduling fuel deliveries and also gives detailed reports on how the vehicle and driver has been performing, including efficiency and safety.

Management compares the truck performances with the highest benchmarks available and is constantly working with drivers for improvement by sharing this data.

RTL Fleetseek is a proven fuel saving system and with the added benefits of tracking and data communication devices. This has given the Bonney Group a further lead as an innovative, environmentally conscious company within the transport industry.