Keith Snell has been connected with the fuel industry for over 25 years and has worked for Caltas for the last 10 years, completing approx 1.6 million kilometres during that time, incident free and with a perfect driving record.During that time he has demonstrated his commitment to the fuel industry, showing exceptional dedication to his job, always eager to develop his skills further and doesn't hesitate to help his fellow workers.  He is a member of the Caltas Driver Committee, representing his co-workers in negotiations for providing future conditions and benefits to their group.  He is committed to provide the best service to both the company and it's customers.  His personal presentation and that of his vehicle demonstrates that he takes the highest degree of pride in both driver and vehicle image and that of the fuel industry in general.

He leads by example and projects the perfect image of a professional fuel delivery driver.  The Bonney Group is very proud to have employees of Keith's calibre working within our driver group across Tasmania and Victoria.