The Bonney Group recognises the valuable contribution of its employees. The Service Award program forms part of this recognition.

40 Year Service Awards
Ian Ayton               
John Pollard                     
30 Year Service Awards
Cheryl Sutcliffe                
Daryn How                        
Cliff Penno                        
Darren Campigli              
25 Year Service Awards
Bruce Lucas                      
Michael Madden             
David Whiteman             
20 Year Service Awards
Paul Stafford                     
Brendan Zala                     
Brian Reeve                       
Graeme Bedelph            
Raymond Squires            
15 Year Service Awards
Philip Molineux                
John Austin                       
David Birch                         
Shane Barber                    
Roderic Lutwyche           
Peter Connelly                 
Gavin Pennefather        
Roger Scott                        
10 Year Service Awards
Gary Morse                       
Darren Kaine                     
David Richards                  
Rachel Nation                   
Philip Radford                   
Ben Fenton                       
Kevin Scott                        
Jamie Innes                       
Jen Le Cerf                         
Paul Denney                     
Paul Saward                      
Shane Hampson              
Val Carey