Governing The Bonney Group

The Bonney Group Board exercises leadership, enterprise integrity and judgment in direction of the company. They work to ensure the company is continuing to achieve prosperity.

In addition to the above they set the core purpose and values of the Bonney Group. They are responsible for determining the strategy of the Bonney Group so that it achieves its purpose and upholds its stated values.  In order that the company survives and thrives, the Board monitors existing procedures and practices as well as implementing new ones to protect the Bonney Groups assets and reputation.

Other Board responsibilities include:

  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of strategies, policies, management performance criteria and business plans
  • Ensure that the Bonney Group complies with all relevant laws, regulations and codes of best business practice
  • Ensure that the Bonney Group communicates effectively with clients and staff
  • Regularly review processes and procedures to ensure the effectiveness of the Bonney Group’s internal systems of control
  • Identify key risk areas and key performance indicators of the business and monitor these factors