Working for the Bonney Group

Our People

The Bonney Group and its companies of Caltas, Bonney Energy & Lloyds North foster a safe and professional work environment, where our people are treated fairly and with respect. We value diversity, talent and different approaches to a common solution.

Our people are trained across a multiple of skills and are dedicated to safe work practices and a consistently high quality of service.

The Bonney Group believes that open communication is important with its staff and conducts regular toolbox meetings throughout its operations to address safety and employee issues.

The Bonney Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer and strives to be an Employer of Choice


Health & Wellbeing

Employees undergo regular medical assessments to ensure their Fitness to Work.  As well as this, the company provides health and wellbeing programmes, such as annual Infuenza Vaccinations and Quit Smoking Packs.  An Employee Assistance Programme is offered to all employees, providing support and assistance for employees and their families who have experienced trauma or difficulties within their work or family situations.

Training & Development

Bonney Group employees undertake regular assessments and skills training. Performance reviews are completed on a bi-annual basis where any training requirements or ongoing development programmes are established.  

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