Prepaid Fuel: Starcash

Do you want a gift that's sure to be used: StarCash is the perfect incentive or gift because it appeals to people of all ages and social groups. StarCash is a convenient prepaid plastic card that you can use to purchase fuel, food and a whole range of convenient grocery items at over 1800 participating Caltex and Ampol stores across Australia.

You can manage and monitor your fuel expenses with the Caltas Fuel Card/Starcard. It offers a number of convenient solutions to help you manage fuel purchases which makes it the ideal Fuel Card for companies and businesses.

Odometer prompt at point of sale

To maintain the integrity of your fleet's fuel purchases, your driver can record the odometer reading with every purchase. The electronic point of sale devices prompts your drivers directly for their odometer reading, ensuring accountability as the information is captured.

Simplified GST Reporting

Every purchase made is recorded accurately, with the GST clearly itemised and totalled. Clear GST reporting makes it easier for you to maximise your tax claim.

Card Security

The purchase of fuel and other vehicle-related costs are significant expenses to most businesses. That's why we offer a range of security features that safeguards these important costs.

Electronic Product Restriction & PIN Security

Cards are individually programmed to restrict sales by product type and to enforce PIN identification. Cards programmed in this way will reject a transaction if unauthorised purchases are attempted.