High Performance Logistics

Logistics Services

Consisting of consulting, labour and machine hire, bulk stevedoring, ship and rail loading, cargo management.

Forestry Services

One of Tasmania’s leading forest products logistics company, Lloyds North has been able to transporting and handling 2.5 million tonnes annually of forest products successfully growing its market.

Mining & Industrial Services

Lloyds North has a proven track record in providing bulk transport of mineral products, expanding into ROM stockpile services, crushing/screening plant and mill operation, train loading, waste rock dump management, tailings management, yard and road maintenance and site and industrial services.

Transport Services

This has been a core element of our business from the commencement of the company until the present. Our focus is on the provision of transport services for bulk materials throughout Tasmania, including the logistics associated with the movement of bulk shipments both into and out of the State. We operate with a modern fleet of high productivity vehicles including B-doubles, semi tippers, and rigid truck and trailer combinations.

Equipment Hire

The aim is to offer our customers flexibility and scalability to their operations. We provide equipment on long term dry hire arrangements, as well as options with flexible capacity. The type of equipment ranges from excavators, wheel loaders and forklifts serving customers predominantly in the forestry and mining sectors.


We foster a safe and professional work environment, where people are treated fairly and with respect. We value diversity, talent and different approaches to a common solution.


The most important reason for making the workplace safe is so we can go home at the end of each day to family, friends and loved ones.

Innovative Solutions

We provide a range of services crossing a variety of industry sectors. We strive to provide the most efficient and cost effective services, with an innovative and flexible approach to all our customer's needs.


We have invested in quality systems such as SafetyMap and Trucksafe which provides the foundations for a consistent and reliable service to our customers.


We have invested heavily in technology and with a modern fleet of vehicles & equipment this gives us the ability to provide total transport solutions


Utilisation of a chain of information plays a huge role in ensuring that our customers receive the most efficient service. This includes gathering information, listening to what our customers want and the communication skills to manage the overall process.


We aspire to become an industry leader in minimising the environmental impact of our operations through implementation of energy efficient strategies throughout all areas of our business.